Whatsapp To Enable Speech-to-text Feature – Send WhatsApp Messages Without Typing

Whatsapp is here as usual with another amazing updates. The WhatsApp’s latest update is perfect for those too lazy to type lengthy messages.

The new feature is known as Speech-to-text, which allows you communicate into your mobile’s microphone – then translates it into text.

The feature already exists on virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant, what’s new is that WhatsApp will introduce a new mic icon on the keyboard for easy accessibility.

The upgrade will be a godsend to those on the move when it can be tricky to physically tap out conversations.

Typing is usually slower when there is a lot of information to convey. And this explains which why the WhatsApp voice message option is so popular.

However, many dislike receiving voice messages, as they can be inconvenient to listen to. So WhatsApp has now helpfully provided a speech-to-text feature to transform speech into text.
WhatsApp Dictation is available on both iPhone and Android.

How to Use WhatsApp Speech-to-text

1. Firstly, open your WhatsApp

2. Open a chat with the contact you want to speak to

3. Open up the chat keyboard, where you’d normally type messages

4. Look for a microphone icon (not the one next to the chat bar): on Android, it’s black and in the top right, and on iPhone, it’s in the very bottom right of the screen

If you want a comma and a question mark, simply say “comma” or “question mark” out loud. It’s the same story for adding “full stop”.

Once you’ve finished your message, check it over and then hit send.
When you’re speaking into the microphone, remember to talk clearly and enunciate words – as turning speech into text is very tricky for apps.

It’s also best to dictate your message in a quiet place, to give your microphone the best chance of picking up your words.

You can always edit your dictated message before you send it anyway, to correct any typos that may appear. Please don’t forget to share this post.

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