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WhatsApp Unveils Privacy Education Partnership In India

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The company will organise privacy design workshops starting September 17.

In a bid to provide secure conversations on its platform, Facebook-owned WhatsApp on Wednesday announced a partnership with the Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP) in New Delhi to bring a series of privacy design workshops to its students.

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Will Cathcart, Global Head of WhatsApp , was in Mumbai to announce this partnership during a discussion with Indian startups and entrepreneurs.

During the session, Cathcart discussed how designing products with privacy as a key principle is critical for building successful consumer and business products.

“WhatsApp was built to help people stay in touch with friends and family as well as connect with businesses. Because people share some of their most personal needs and moments on WhatsApp, we’re committed to helping people in India have private conversations with others that matter to them,” said Cathcart.

“We believe our partnership with Indian School of Public Policy will help future policy makers understand that designing products with privacy as a core tenet helps deliver the fundamental right to privacy people should have in today’s digital world.”

Co-hosted by the Trust, Transparency and Control Labs (TTC Labs), the workshops will kick off on September 17 to explore the importance and practice of privacy-centric design to help technology make a positive impact on society.

Facebook founded TTC Labs to drive innovation in people-centered approaches to privacy and data.

“We’re delighted to partner with Indian School of Public Policy and support their work to train the next generation of innovative policy leaders,” said Dan Hayden, TTC Labs Lead.


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