“When Can We Meet For Our Crazy S3x?” – I Heard My Wife Asking a Man She Was Talking to On the Phone

My wife and I were married for around three years when I started noticing a change in her behaviour. The changes were mostly in the bedroom because she started losing interest in having s3x with me.

I found it strange because, my wife was a lover of s3x and so when she started acting uninterested in the s3x, I thought she was probably getting it from somewhere else.

Women lose interest in things mostly because of mood swings and I thus decided to be patient with her to see if she would come back to her normal self. I waited for close to a month and I noticed she was worse.

She could not let me touch her, or kiss her and the situation became dire when she started sleeping in the sitting room and even told me that she did not love me anymore.

Three weeks ago, when I was in the bedroom and her on the sofa in the sitting room, I heard her talking to someone. It was around 2am and when I eavesdropped, I heard her saying that she had missed him.

“I miss you so much boo. When can we meet for our crazy s3x?” I heard her asking the man thinking that I was not hearing her.

I was so shocked to find out that she was screwing with another man behind my back. Now, the big question was, who was she cheating me with and how could I catch them red-handed so that I could confront her.

I went online to search for how one could catch a cheating spouse and among the results was information about Doctor Mugwenu. I picked his number (+254 740637248) from his website and called him and after we talked for a while, he told me to see him the next morning.

On meeting, he told me that my wife was cheating with my best friend Kelvin and he cast a spell that would lock them when they had intercourse. Though the information that she was cheating with my best friend shocked me, I was at peace because I knew they would learn their lesson.

That evening, I drove to Kelvin’s house because I knew that’s where they met to make love. On reaching his house at around 9pm, I was met by a crowd who was spectating him and my wife because they had gotten stuck.

When my wife saw me, she started crying due to embarrassment and asked me to forgive her. They were unstuck an hour later and I gave Kelvin a beating for disrespecting my wife. I forgave her because I still loved her and we are now working on making our marriage work.

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