Where Can I Get a Boyfriend That Doesn’t Smoke, Drink Alcohol and Won’t Cheat On Me – Beautiful Lady Seeks Lover

Piousbae, A beautiful Lady tweeted on her Twitter handle “Where can I get a boyfriend who doesn’t smoke, who doesn’t drink alcohol, who won’t cheat on me and treat me like a Queen?”

She’s tired of guys smoking, drinking, and cheating on her girlfriend she’s in desperate need of the guy of her choosing who she can give her and fall in love with that man. Here is her tweet;

However, A lot of Twitter users reacted to her tweet with different opinions, Below are some of their reactions;

I’m enlightening you, it’s not concerning excellent or not. Most men that does most of these acts have the most lovely spouses.

No doubt concurred yet that doesn’t mean their are no individuals out there who are straightforward and dedicated. Their are parcel. In anything their is negative, their is postive as well!!

What do you think about this? Do you really think there are still good guys out there who doesn’t do all those bad acts? kindly drop your comments.

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