White Lady Runs After Finding Out She Has Been Dancing With An African Man In a Party

White lady runs after realizing she's dancing with a Nigerian

A video has emerged online of a white woman who was happily dancing with a man, before she suddenly took to her heels after she realized the man was indeed Nigerian.

In the video the woman was engaged in a dance and laughing at during what seemed like a street party. However as soon as the man said he would take her back to Nigeria, she exclaimed and said “you’re Nigerian?” Then she ran away.

Several people have reacted to the video which was posted on Twitter. Most of the persons who reacted wondered what could have made the white lady zoom off in the manner which she did at the mention of “Nigeria”.

Most persons believe that the woman ran off because of the bad image that has been painted of Nigerian men in the abroad. Others thought she saved herself since the man could have been a fraudster looking for a white woman to defraud.

On a lighter note, another commenter brought a different angle to matter, he posted that woman could have run to call other white women to come and witness her joy. Below are some of the tweets;

What do you think could have made her run? Drop your comments.

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