WHO Says Endorsing Madagascar Covid-organics Will Lead to Self Medication – Africans React to WHO Comment

Who didn't support Madagascar

World Health Organization had said in many of their interviews and publication that endorsing the herbal product that Madagascar is producing will lead to self-medication.

Remember that the Madagascar has produced a herbal tea called Covid-Organics. This was made possible with the help of the Madagasy Institute of Applied Research IMRA and intervention of their President.

However, the W.H.O has declined the offer to accept the herb as a possible solution to the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. This makes this questions come in… Is the whole world(developed) and W.H.O. ashamed that the first Covid-19 cure is coming from Africa?

The organization even issued a statement urging caution in the usage thereby making people afraid of buying it. They also issued a statement distancing the organization from the herbal medicine.

This is a laughable excuse. So the organization prefer people dying than endorsing the product that has been proven beyond doubt that the herb “Covid-Organics” is effective.

The organization even added that Coronavirus has no known cure at the moment even when they didn’t carry out any study on the product.
It is obvious they don’t want a possible solution from the Africans, had it been it was China or any other developed country that cane out with this herb, it would have been automatically endorsed.

It truly shows we are Africans are still way behind in our relationship with the real world (acceptance and coexistence). As a pan African, I condemn their actions. I appreciate the president of Madagascar for going ahead with the production despite the World Health Organization actions.

I also applaud the Madagascar President for standing firm on his discovery for coronavirus. We knew that W.H.O will come up with lame excuses not to approve this herbal cure because it’s from Africa. Africans should just do what’s right for their citizens who are infected and start purchasing this herbal cure for them. We don’t need W.H.O approval. All we need is each other as a Continent. Many African youths had reacted to this.

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