WHO Wants to Kill the Whole World Especially Africans – South Africans Cry Out

After the WHO have recently rattled off the manners by which Coronavirus can be transmitted, the WHO have now come out to state something different that coronavirus isn’t infectious and cannot be transmitted from one person to another. They also said there is no need to practice social distancing.

Let us recollect that the WHO had requested that the entire world practice social separating. They had requested that we use nose cover, they had likewise requested to abstain from contacting our eyes, nose and mouth. They likewise said the coronavirus could live on objects for certain hours.

Presently, everything has changed as WHO are currently saying: Coronavirus cannot be transmitted from one person to another.

It is confounding, on the grounds that the infection began uniquely in Wuhan and it has spread to practically all pieces of the world.

So how could it spread?

As a result of the coronavirus, alot of practices went on an exceptionally hard lockdown. Some nations halted houses of worship, quit tutoring. Most organizations even needed to begin working remotely.

Likewise, the coronavirus continues spreading with South Africa having the most noteworthy number of cases.

In any case, since WHO has come out to state Coronavirus isn’t infectious, at that point there is so much riddle that should be fixed.

Well, South Africans aren’t taking this new information lightly as they feel WHO is only setting a trap and they are trying to harm the world, especially blacks.

Below are some of people’s reactions to WHO’s Statement;

For the time being, I will counsel that we despite everything keep on rehearsing social distancing and be very cautious.

What do you have to say about this? Kindly drop your comments.

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