Why I Couldn’t Control Having S£x On My First Date – Beautiful Lady Shares Her Experience


It was the same man I had met on social media whom I decided to go on a date with. So we met the following day evening in a five star hotel where I found a reserved table for the two of us and everything set up in place. We sat facing each other as per the arrangement. This guy was a real deal.

I kept on gazing at him because even my own eyes could not find a better description of the man I am having dinner with. The truth is that I had already drowned in his everything. He smiled and that’s where I completely broke down into holding his hands feeling ashamed to express myself to him on what I want. This man was handsome to be precise and didn’t speak too much. Taking a glimpse on my behavior, he noticed I was completely into him and all I was waiting for is for him to take me to the next world.

He was sharp enough and didn’t take a long route to tell me what I only wanted to hear. He said ”let’s finish the dinner first because you need energy for this night is gonna be unforgettable.” Those words stole my appetite for food. I tried to force food into my mouth but the only taste I could feel was that of the magical hands on lips of the honey pot. I struggled with the dinner until i had enough.

He stood and asked me ”can we have a dance”? I can’t remember what was my answer only to find myself in his arms. It was the first time his hands held my waist and I was completely aroused wondering if this is the touch of his hands that does all this magic, what will the pen do? The fragrance of his perfume hit me harder and I could not endure anymore, I fell and leaned on his shoulder and said ”give it to me.” In a flash of a second, I found myself in a beautiful room that was so spacious and attractive wearing my birthday suit on top of the bed.

I lied down like a desperate woman with my honey pot overflowing as I saw him joining me on the same bed. Being an amateur in this field I didn’t know the difference between learners and pros of romance until he started kissing me from down the feet coming upwards. What indescribable feeling that made me sunk into a different world. He kissed me more than I have ever in my entire life even to the ears. He threw me deeper into confusion when the tips of his fingers touched my n!ppl€s. ”Oh Yes, there” that’s what I remember saying.

This was too much for me that the bed was already wet because of the overflow and this was the point where I took the step of holding his pen towards the honey pot. It smoothly penetrated in, very slow that I could feel every inch of its movement. ”Aaaww!… ishhh” What a wonderful feeling. It was a no strings attached, Skin to Skin penetration. The man was a pro in this field. The twists and turns, angles he made me do completely squeezed all the honey from my pot. It was a one full hour of exploration that lived with me till today.


Written by Olexhome

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