With the Help Of These Things, You Will Know If You and Your Partner Will Marry Each Other Or Not

How to know if relationship will work

Every year, scientists debunk dozens of myths and come up with truly fascinating data that sheds light on various relationship issues. From the true meaning of kissing and what it means for ladies to the ways IQ level impacts fidelity and infidelity. Here are six unexpected facts about love and relationships that will change everything;

1. First Kiss
It’s not a secret that first kiss is extremely important, but now we have the science backing up the whole story. According to the research conducted by the University of Michigan, women use the first kiss to subconsciously find out whether the partner suits them or not. Kisses are also extremely important for long-term relationships

2. Watching Romantic Movies
Watching romantic movies with your bae is actually a good thing as you get to see different scenarios of relationship development. This will help both partners to have a deeper understanding of each other’s psyche and various issues that always come up when you become a couple.

3. Stay Together For A Long Time
If you live with your partner for 25 years and more, you’ll start looking like each other, developing similar features as time goes by. What’s even more exciting is the fact that the more you and your partner become alike, the happier you’ll be as this likeness is directly connected with the well-being of your relationship, according to studies conducted by the University of Michigan.

4. Looking At the Photo of Your Husband / Wife
This can actually make you feel less pain! It is the healing effect of love at work. This is why when we get sick or injured, we’re craving the company of those dearest and nearest to you. According to studies, when women who were experiencing pain were show photos of their boyfriends, experienced a kind of pain relief! The main secret here is that the relationship should be a happy one.

5. Higher IQ
The higher the IQ of your partner, the less likely he is to cheat on you. Yes, I’m talking about those smart guys that not only look good, but are also brainy and intelligent. Those kinds of guys actually value monogamy and prefer to date one partner only without any exceptions. Men with higher IQ are more confident, self-sufficient, and trustworthy.

6. Higher Expectations
Scientists have studied the main reasons leading to divorce and came to the conclusion that most of the time people get disappointed by marriage when their need for self-realization is not met. Well, marriage is not meant to fix that void inside or help resolve some psychological issues – yet most of the time partners have high expectations and end up getting all disappointed in relationships, which leads to divorce. So, first you should work to resolve your biggest issues and only then get together with another person.


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