Women: Don’t Bath With Hot Water If You Don’t Want This to Happen to You

Effect of bathing with hot water in women

If you want to make your man happy and keep him, you should not bath with hot water. Hot water have negative impact on women’s body.

And you should stop to bath with it if you want to satisfy your man in bed. Men usually need something small and enjoyable not a thing that they will fail to fill. If it happens that man will find themselves swimming inside the Atlantic Ocean, they will go outside to find something of small and medium size.

Whenever you find your man cheating with someone that you feel being better than you in physical appearance, academic qualification and money, you might find out that she knows this secret. She doesn’t bath with hot water unlike you. And the warm and cold water she use make her private part to grip.

Woman private part is built in a complex way unlike man. That’s why she experiences things that man doesn’t. The skin of her private part in unique and amazing but too soft to the point that it is easy to tear. Actually it is elastic and if stretched too much it tear apart. Just like an elastic band, when you put elastic band inside the hot water it lose it elasticity.

When women bath with hot water their private will lose its quality and fails to accommodate his man’s in bed. Then they will be trouble in paradise. Even if she can try to many products to keep her private part small, it will be waste of time. That gripping won’t last for too long.

The moment she makes love it will return to its original state of losing its quality and sometimes shape.

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