Women Should Stop Wearing Pants Cause It Causes Infections For Them – Man Reveals

Women should stop wearing pants

A young man has gone online to advice women that they shouldn’t be wearing pant just because it’s dangerous to their health. The young man in a post reveals wearing of pants for ladies in not medically okay due to there private part not getting fresh air, it might leads to some dangers for ladies. According to the post, Here is what the publisher said;

Girls normally wear pants when going to work, school, church, or the gym. Some girls prefer wearing of bum shorts to wearing of bikinis.

There are lots of options out there. But the real question is why do we wear underwear? The most common reason why people wear underwear is the fact that it’s viewed as a ‘social norm’. If that is the reason why you wear underwear then is it really that necessary?

Recently, more women are beginning to forgo the wearing of panties for comfort and appearance. However, medically speaking, the “v*ginal area is always happy and healthy when it gets the chance to breath and receive fresh air”.

When you stop wearing panties, you may reduce your chances of getting a yeast infection or UTI especially for those who usually suffer from v*ginal infections.

Pants usually trap microbes and excess moisture. This usually happen when you are at the gym or you are asleep. This normally happend when one wears non breathable pants.

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