Xiaomi is Currently Working On a 120Hz Display Android 10 Smartphone, Read Full Details

Xiaomi is working on a smartphone with 120Hz display and 5X telephoto camera According to reports gotten from XDA.

With the first MIUI 11 beta out, XDA Developers have discovered a refresh rate toggle in the display settings which comes with a 120 Hz option.

It was discovered inside a beta build of MIUI 11 of an unknown device, a new display option to choose between 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate.

Xiaomi 120Hz Display Android 10 Smartphone

High refresh rates seem to be the newest trend in top-tier smartphones. The cutting-edge feature, which increases the rate at which the display is updated, allows for a smooth and luxurious scrolling experience.

Here is What you Should Know about 120Hz Refresh rate
>> A 120Hz display is widely preferred in desktop gaming since it offers better dynamic performance
>> 120Hz display feels insanely smooth, while the 60Hz display looks a bit laggy
>> Another big advantage of 120Hz displays is its ability to play 24Hz Blu-ray content.

In addition to the high refresh rate screen, it seems Xiaomi will also offer improved telephoto sensors on its upcoming devices.

The camera app menu in MIUI 11 has revealed support for a new telephoto sensor with 5x optical zoom.

Nothing is known about the said device yet as we believe they are working on it.

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