You Are Dating the Wrong Woman In Your Life If You Notice These Things

Signs you're dating the wrong woman

There is this woman you desperately want to date. Your heart feels she is the best woman you can have in your life, but she is playing hard to get? It is good to think twice before you continue with the chase cause finding a good woman to date is not easy. There are many women out there who seem like the perfect match for you, but they aren’t. Below are 3 indicators that will let you know that you’re dating the wrong woman;

1. She Wants Attention All the Time
A wrong woman always thinks only about her. She never cares about the way you feel. She does everything to please her ego. She rarely cares about your suffering. Dealing with such a woman is one of the most daunting tasks in life.

2. She Keeps You Waiting
A right woman will not put you on hold for too long. She also knows that you want the best in life. The right woman will not play hard to get if she believes you are the right man in her life. Instead, she will make things easier for you. The right woman knows what she wants in life and she will always go for the same.

3. She Is Never There For You During Hard Times
It is clear you are seriously chasing the wrong woman if she is only there when things are going right. A good woman will stand with you even when the world seems to be against you.
She will be a source of hope during the darkest hour in life.

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