You Can Never Be Poor In Life If You Are Doing These Three Things

We all understand that barely making ends meet and struggling to provide for just the necessities can be exhausting and we all want to succeed in life. The truth is success isn’t a goal or destination — it’s a mindset you take on to achieve your goals. And like all other mindsets, you don’t just drop it once you achieve your goals.

Instead, you adopt it so you can carry it with you forever. In this article I’ll be talking about the three important things that you need to do always so as to avoid been poor. Here are the Things Below;

1. Be Prayerful
In everything we do, let’s always put God the first. pray to God and put everything you’re doing and everything you’re about to do in prayer. By doing this, you will surely succeed in life cause prayer is the key to everything.

2. Be Hardworking
Everything can’t just workout with only the help of prayer, you also need to do your own part which is, you must be hardworking. Work hard and put your best into anything you’re doing. Work hard and you will definitely enjoy life and you’ll be successful at the end of all your struggles.

3. Always Help Others
Don’t say what you have isn’t enough for you that you can’t help other yet. Help is help either small or big, try your possible best to help someone that needs your help in as much as you can afford it. By doing this, God will also continue to bless you abundantly even beyond your expectations.

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  1. Ibrahim Umar Monday
    Ibrahim Umar Monday

    God is our savior l appreciate You

  2. Prayer is the key to success.

  3. May the Lord be with us now and for ever

  4. Anyone who communes with God and gives generously to help others never lacks.

  5. Prayers are key, God is the provider

  6. I do all those three things but I am not reach why?

  7. Louis thornicroft
    Louis thornicroft

    Thank you very much for the tips

  8. On point, it’s an eye opener, so inspiring! Looking forward to more of such

  9. Prayer is the strongest tower that can unlock the lock padlock and door, with prayer and God help we can break the sturborn chain of the enemy in Jesus name, also always helping others as we can, by doing this impossibility is nothing because God I with his children.

  10. True story

  11. Very correct and knowledge taken

  12. Yes we need to pray 🙏 for our expectations and Jehovah will give us what we require from him and we will be given.


    Both Qur’an and Bibble supported this, so all man kind should embrance this and reached the higher point of wish

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