You Can Now Easily Stop Data Zapping and Battery Drain on Your Smartphone By Downloading This App

Stop battery drain and data zapping

Two major challenges every smartphone user faces are battery drain and data depletion also known as data zapping.

Even though Telecom’s providers are slight to be blamed for data depletion, you also have a role to play in saving your data and battery life from background app unwanted usage. Some smartphone batteries are a disaster in the making. Charge it and after 30min, you are charging it again.

We’ve put together a simple guide that will help you save your mobile data and smartphone battery drain.

DataEye: is a simple android app that let you saves your mobile data and phone battery; it allows you to manage your mobile data traffic. So users can see what apps are using their data and turn them on/off accordingly.

DataEye Features
Know Where Your Data Goes: DataEye let you control your mobile data on an app-by-app basis.

Extend Your Battery Life:
Unwanted background data drains your phone’s battery. The app simply put you in charge of data usage, hence increasing your phone’s battery life.

Go Global:
Data doesn’t stay local, so we make it easy to manage your mobile data, even while roaming. It is easy to use.

Where Can I Download it?
* You can download it here

* Install it, open and run the app… It does the magic for you just like that.

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