You can now insure your Instagram profile just like your house

Here is an interesting one. If you want peace of mind, you typically insure your physical belongings, like your house, car, and even your phone. Well, now you can go even further than that and insure your Instagram profile as well.

As reported by TechCrunch, an Israel-based startup company called Notch can now insure your Instagram account starting at $8 a month. The service is primarily intended for those who make their living through their online presence. However, there is one caveat. The insurance currently only covers hacking, meaning that you will get money only if someone has hacked your Instagram account and you have lost access to it. But, in the future, it may also cover suspensions as well.

As for how Notch calculates what your monthly payment will be, it said that it takes into consideration things like where your audience is from, your follower count, engagement, how many posts per month you usually upload, and how many of them are sponsored. All of these things combined help Notch determine your account’s “value” and thus the amount of money you need to pay monthly for the insurance. We must note that Notch might overestimate or underestimate a creator’s income. Influencers and their followers differ from one another, and the community engagement can also be different across the audiences.

However, to get a more complete idea of what an Instagram insurance policy would look like, the people from TechCrunch have reviewed a sample of one where the annual fee is $459, which is around $38 a month. In this situation, Notch will pay $244 for each day the creator was unable to access their account because of a hack. These daily payments start after a 48-hour waiting period and end when they reach $22,000 total per year, or until you have received compensation for a total of 90 days per year.

Of course, since Notch is a start-up company and its service is something completely new, you should be careful with it. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you if the company is worth it or not. However, its idea is interesting. When someone hacks your Instagram account, it’s bad, but the hacking could be a disaster if you make your living through your socials. At least with Notch, you might have some chance to minimize your losses while the Instagram team recovers your profile.


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