You Must Be Ready to Wash My Pants If You Want to Marry Me and I Will Satisfy You With S€x In the Room – Lady Says

My boyfriend must wash my pants

We are living in an interesting times indeed. At a period when Love supposed to be unconditional, instead nowadays there have been various conditions set by some privileged ladies in relationships.

Many observers feel, however, that the average ‘financially enhanced’ lady always crave that urge to dominate and dictate to her boyfriend or husband whenever, anyhow.

A pretty lady on Twitter has already declared her own conditions, that she would prefer that her boyfriend (or potential husband) must always endeavour to wash her underwears as at when due. It might sound strange to many, but she seems bold to issue the note without mincing words. Her seemingly strange message was shared on her twitter page @otipojuu.

The lady, identified as ‘Betty’ as highlighted in her twitter page ‘@otipojuu’, is evidently pretty and endowed and apparently she is somewhat financially comfortable. Thus she is signalling her own condition for any boyfriend to secure her Love, and she feels that any man interested must be ready to particularly wash her underwears – including panties and bra everytime when due.

For her, it seems it is never a thing of shame for a man to volunteer to do laundry of her bae’s undies, but it should be seen as a sacrifice for love. Gorgeous Betty captioned on her twitter page;

“If you love me, as my boyfriend you must be ready to wash my underwears! Love is about sacrifice and you should be willing to do that for love 😜😜 Besides I’m usually busy most times. Don’t worry I would always treat you well in the ‘oza room’ 🤭🤐😜”

The young damsel Betty probably feels there is no shame for a boyfriend to be washing the underwears of his loving girlfriend. That the gesture should be seen as a ‘great sign’ of Trust and Loyalty in a relationship.

She believes that any man who genuinely volunteers to wash his girlfriend’s undies is showing a big sign of true love. She even naughtily says in her tweet that she “would always treat him well in the ‘oza room'” probably as compensation.

In my opinion though, I really think there shouldn’t be any shame for a man in trying to satisfy his girlfriend (or wife) by assisting her in whatever way possible. It surely makes the relationship grow stronger, and last longer. BUT this condition set by pretty Betty seems somewhat strange.

To me, the lady’s condition seems a bit ridiculous, but that’s just my own opinion anyways.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with Betty that it it’s a ‘good sign of love’ for a man to be washing the underwears of his girlfriend or wife? Kindly share your thoughts below by using the comment box.

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