You Must Never Eat These Four Foods In An Empty Stomach

foods you mustn't eat in empty stomach

Certain foods are not recommended to eat on an empty stomach. These are the foods that will do you more harm than good to your body if you eat in an empty stomach;

1. Raw Green Vegetables
 Consumption of raw vegetables is not recommended. The vegetables can lead to irritation in the stomach.

They contain fibres that can be insoluble. Stay away from the vegetables whenever you have not eaten anything for hours.

2. Yoghurt
Many people love yoghurt. It comes with endless benefits to the body.

However, it is recommended not to take yoghurt in the morning because it can lead to stomach issues. The yoghurt contains acid that can affect your body when ingested into the bloodstream.

3. Bananas
Eating bananas when you wake up the first thing in the morning is a mistake. Bananas should only be eaten after meals. Bananas have been proven to contain magnesium and potassium. The two will be imbalanced if you eat bananas in the morning hence leading to heart problems.

4. Pre-mixed Oatmeal
Oatmeal is among the most common foods taken for breakfast in most homes. It contains proteins, vitamins and fibre among other nutrients. However, it cannot be taken on an empty stomach because it would lead to harmful effects on your body.

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