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You Must Never Joke About These Four Things In Your Relationship / Marriage If You Don’t Want to Lose Your Lover

A joke is basically anything that makes you laugh and it is usually not meant to be real, sometimes its made up, other times it’s real but the major fact is that they are not serious about it. In relationships, it is good to have fun and joke as much as possible. It’s good to have a good laugh often. Being with someone means that you get close to them and you let all your guard down and that makes you familiar with them. Most people take that for granted and they tend to cross lines in the name of jokes and fun. The biggest truth about jokes is that anything you constantly joke about becomes a part of you, In a relationship here are the things you should never joke about;

1. Committing a Crime
The more you talk about being a criminal the more likely you are to become one. Jokes make things feel normal and okay. When you say you are stupid that’s an insult but then when you add lol it becomes a joke. Jokes make things okay and so if you or anybody around you constantly joke about doing the wrong things you know there’s a problem. Tell them to stop, you don’t want them being okay with a crime.

2. Abuse
Any form of abuse is deadly, it could lead to bad things. it’s not a joke to talk about raping your daughter or anyone, it’s not a joke to take about s*xual abuse, your partners should never find that amusing no matter the situation. Make this clear and be ready to react to it if ever they cross that line.

3. Partners Insecurities
Most people have things that they are insecure about. A lot of times these things may not even be a big deal to you. For example your boyfriend is tall, usually people strive to be tall but then if your partner is not happy with his height and feels like it is too much for him, even though you love his height, even though you feel it is his selling point and most beautiful trait as long as he is unsure about it, you should never joke with it. When your partner tells you they are insecure about something, no matter how silly it sounds to you, you should respect them and take it seriously.

4. Cheating
First, they are joking about cheating and then the next thing they are cheating and don’t know how it happened. Stop it before it gets there, do well to draw a clear and bold line, no jokes about cheating.

To cut it short, there are so many things that you should never joke about, and your partner needs to know what you don’t like because for everyone its not always the same, so take out time and set the boundaries.


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