You Must Never Marry Women That Are Above 30 Years If You Don’t Want to Experience These Things In Your Life

Why you shouldn't marry women above 30

Marriage plays an important role in African setup, that’s why pressure is mounted on women to hurriedly settle down when their so-called biological clock starts ticking.

For this reason, most women succumb to the pressure and walk down the aisle with men they are not fully compatible with or have a love for in the first place. Others too take their time to make sure most of the specs they look out for in a man are met before making the big decision, no matter how long it takes. In this article, you will get to know why you should not marry a woman that’s above 30 years of age. Below are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t marry woman that’s 30 years and above;

1. They Marry For Money
Most women above 30 marry for money. If you think a woman that has lived her life and have seen lots of things and is now above 30 will marry you for love, you are on a long thing. They all marry for the money, and this is why some go into their 40s unmarried because they have been waiting for that perfect money man while jumping from one money man to another.

2. Problem Of Spiritual Husband
Most women above 30, especially African women have spiritual husbands. Now in numerous Churches during deliverance, if you observe very critically, you will discover that most women above 30 that are unmarried always have the problem of spiritual husbands. Marrying women above 30 is always dangerous because if the reason she is unmarried In her 30s is because of a spiritual husband then your life is in danger.

3. They Are Controlling
Women above 30 tends to be controlling in relationships, they will never listen or obey like ladies below 30. They have this “i know it all” attitude because in their minds, they are no longer kids so they tend to disobey the husband and are never submissive.

4. They Are Desperate
Most women above 30 that are unmarried will never marry for love and that’s a fact. They will only go into marriage because they are desperate, they want to be Mrs by all means possible. And what is a marriage without love? This is why even after marriage, you as a man begin to question if she really loves you or not.

5. Lack of Long Lasting Marriage
Most married couples that are celebrating 20 to 40 years of marriage, the husband married the wife when she was in her 20s.It will take a divine miracle for you to see a 20 years old anniversary when the husband married the wife when she was above 30 years of age.

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  1. Very interesting. I think I agree with most of what you said but for the spirit husband aspect.

  2. Yes Ohio, is true I had an experience

    • But when you were dating or courting them, even some of them you put in a family way, you did not remember or consider spiritual husband abi, may God have mercy on all of us for judging issues with one sided instance

      • This is unfair on the women above 30. You shouldn’t generalise even if you have had such experience.

        • James Bedu Kodjo Eric Graham.
          James Bedu Kodjo Eric Graham.

          This is not true and one should generalize the situation.
          Every woman is different so that one cannot generalize the behaviour of Women over the short and the long term.
          Men after 36 are also dangerous so why this sexist language.

          This article does not hold because it is like saying one cannot enter Medical School or Law School before one is 30.
          God has a Purpsose for every person or Nation.
          The life experience of everyone is really unique.

  3. Very true, most of all those women above 30s,they can’t be submissive, Because they have selpt with different men,both long and short,so she will start compring you with others,and the issue of a spiritual husband is very true,

    • But when you were dating or courting them, even some of them you put in a family way, you did not remember or consider spiritual husband abi, may God have mercy on all of us for judging issues with one sided instance

  4. That’s what is happening in this country ooo pls bring more about those types of people

  5. Eze Alexandra Chukwudera
    Eze Alexandra Chukwudera

    How do i start

  6. Well, it looks like all that you have mentioned here is a fact. I am a victim of one. it’s a very long story that I would not share on social media.

  7. Obinna Williams ejionye
    Obinna Williams ejionye

    Hi my boss
    interested pls l need ur help thanks

  8. Yes that is true

  9. It’s true ihave experience that.

  10. How many young men with the current economic realities are sincerely ready to marry this young ladies before they clock 30 and above, how about the men who keep comparing and contrasting these ladies, keeping them as long as 5,6 or even more years of dating and courtship, then finally abandoning them,. So we really need to balance the situations, or should a lady jump into any marriage for the fear of been unmarried at 30 and above?

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