You Must Never Tell Your Friends These Things About Yourself No Matter What

There are certain things you’ve done in the past which shouldn’t cross over into the new year with you. One of them is what you disclose about yourself to the public.

As human beings, we should have certain aspects of our lives that should be confidential to us. This is a very necessary move to avoid major issues and that’s why this article is here to help you. Below are things you should limit telling others about yourself;

1. Your Worth
Who cares about how much you’re worth? People care more about themselves and you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Sensitive things like your income, wealth and finances are for you and you only. Trying to let people know what you have in terms of assets and money in the bank is a dangerous move.

By telling people about your worth, it can be used against you in ways you won’t expect. Leave people to speculate or guess what you’re worth, but telling them with your mouth is not cool.

2. Your Health Status
In the event of ill health, please save the details of your health status for medical personnel. Avoid unnecessary stigma attached to any form of illness. People have been stigmatized and sent into depression hence, sent to an early grave as a result.

3. Your Bedroom Affairs
Whatever happens in private between you and your lover in your bedroom must be kept private all the time. You can talk to your doctor or counselor if there are issues of concern.

Bragging about the positive to your friends or neighbors can be very dangerous. You do not know who is struggling with their relationship and may not mind to use this information against you.

4. Passwords
This is one of the most dangerous things to disclose ever! This is an internet era and you should be very careful with your passwords. A man can be brought from grace to grass by just a password disclosure. Organizations have gone bankrupt, love relationships have gone sour, empires have been destroyed by this level of carelessness. Your ATM, system and social media passwords are all your secrets. So many people have been implicated and defrauded via this. That is why it is a grevious offence in the banking industry if a staff discloses his or her system’s password to anyone. Passwords are what you should guard jealously.

5. Your Plans
Stop telling people things like I have a business plan, I am planning to relocate to the USA etc. should be kept secret. Let people see the results materialize. That’s the beauty of it. Going about telling people your plans can be very harmful to the plan. Your goals and aspirations and how you plan to achieve them is meant for only you. One of the evils of disclosing it is that People can talk you out of it and so many other consequences. The list is endless.

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  1. Love your writeups. Any guidelines concerning areas of writing? Am interested.

  2. Love your writeups. Any guidelines concerning areas of writing? Am interested.

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