You Must Never Tell Your Lover These Four Things No Matter How Deep You Love Yourselves
Things you must never tell your lover

For those who don’t know and especially those who get carried away with lovely romantic photos on the net, you need to know that relationship is hard work.

It is a known fact that the tongue is very powerful and it doesn’t matter whether you just started dating or you have been married for 20 years, there are some certain things that may seem little and unsuspecting but they are very powerful in turning your blissful marriage into a war zone and if care is not taken can even lead to divorce. Below are 4 things you should take note of in your relationship or marriage;

1. Asking How Much Money Your Partner Earns
We currently live in a society that is driven by money and many people are moved and rate people based on their financial worth only.

Therefore, asking a partner or potential spouse what they earn or their financial worth will mostly send the wrong message, no matter how far gone you are into each other. Getting to the point of disclosing and discussing each other’s financial worth must be gradual and mutual. It should happen naturally and not out of investigation or questioning. And if you are just starting out in your relationship, what your partner earns is completely none of your business.

2. I am Sorry I Cheated
There is never an excuse good enough for cheating.

However, if you are in a relationship that is of priority and means a lot to you, you would be careful not to do anything that would break the chain of trust and jeopardize the peace of the relationship. No one likes to be cheated on and so, if you are no longer comfortable in your relationship, break up and walk away rather than cheating on your partner because that would break the relationship anyways.

3. My Ex Was This and That
You must never make the mistake of comparing your Ex with your current partner.
It is a recipe for disaster and will definitely end in tears. Always remember the reasons you accepted to be with your current partner and know that he/she is your current reality and you should do everything within your power to make it work. If there were things your ex did that tripped you, you can stylishly introduce it in your new relationship without making any reference to the past. Nobody likes to be compared with another to talk less of being compared with a previous partner.

4. Talking Bad Of Partner’s Family
Families are a very important part of our lives and they contribute significantly to the quality of the lives we live. Talking down or negatively about people’s families is never a good idea and when it comes to your partner’s family, you have to be extra cautious even if you guys are married or have been married for many years. People are naturally selfish and self-conscious about their family and rightly.

Therefore, even if you have reservations about your partner’s family, be very careful with the words you use to talk about it, and that is if you must talk about it in the first place. Sometimes, it is wise to keep your opinion to yourself to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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