You Must Remove This Picture Of Holy Mary From Your House to Prevent God’s Anger On You – See Reasons Below

Many Christian are fond of placing the picture and image of Mother Mary in their house. Imagine bowing down for a drawing or image crafted by your fellow man, this is called idolatory and this is what most people are doing right now.

God hate idolatory and he made it clear in his word when he say no idolatory will see the kingdom of God and he also say that he cannot share his glory with any man, god or spirit. He also made this clear in the ten commandments that. Thou shalt not bow down for any other gods but me.

Now, you can see why it is not good to bow down to a status carved by man himself.

Check the image below and see how this young man is carving the image of Mother Mary that people are fond of bowing down to.

And below is another image that shows a man worshiping the virgin Marry idol.

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