You Must Stop Doing These Things If You Don’t Want Women To Lose Interest In You

why women lose interest in men

Love is a beautiful thing, and it’s value is to be adorned and cherished for a life time. The affection and emotion that comes with love isn’t the type to be taken for granted no matter what. Love demands proper care, adequate nurturing, time, attention and lots more to make it last long and stand the tests of time.

In this article, I’ll discuss about five things that makes women to lose interest in their male partners. Here are the 5 things below;

1. Attention
The level of attention that’s invested in a particular thing will determine the level of its outcome. For instance, the amount of time and attention you dedicate to your work will determine the level of your productivity. The same measure is applicable to relationships and love affairs, when a woman is deprived of attention, she becomes lonely and bored around her spouse and once loneliness sets in she will begin to fall out of love gradually.

2. Adornment
Feeling appreciated, welcomed, complimented and special is very important for women, because it gives them the feeling of being loved, cared for and appreciated by their partners. Little compliments like appreciating a woman’s dress, shoes, nails, hair and acknowledging her efforts in other areas gives them more confidence and prestige. The moment a man stops appreciating his woman the moment he starts losing her to another man that adorns her the most.

3. Emotional Disconnect
The major cause of emotional disconnection is basically lack of communication or poor communication. It is crucial that partners remain connected and make each other a priority in their everyday’s life. A little phone call checkup during work time, phone conversations during leisure periods, and proper communication helps to grow and strengthen the bond between two lovers but the moment these factors are missing or inadequate one or both lovers would get discouraged and eventually the love and feelings begins to fade out.

4. Boredom
Boredom is the lack of enthusiasm, lack of interest, apathy etc. Relationships are supposed to be fun, interesting and enjoyable. I have seen situations where people fall off the ladder of relationships (be it friendship or dating). Most times, some men don’t take adequate notice of the amount of time they invest on fun and socializing with their partner. Making time for special outings, picnics, visiting the cinema, going on vacation etc are parts of the vital things that booms the liveliness of the love they both share.

So, if you want your woman to stick with you for the rest of your lives, spice things up a bit more.

5. Constant Criticism
No one likes being criticized often times, too much criticism sometimes makes women feel less appreciated and unwanted in every ways. The moment criticism creeps into a relationship, it gradually kills the warmth, feelings and affection a woman has towards her man. The constant need to pick on and criticize everything she does, gives room for doubts to set in and it lessens the woman’s feeling for her man. Men should always try to appreciate the women in their life even when they are not up to the task.

A little thank you accompanied with pleasant corrections will go a long way in balancing criticism if need be.

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