You Need to Be Careful If You Get These Three Answers From Your Partner After Confronting Him/Her

three answers from unfaithful couples

Unfaithfulness is a common thing in most relationships these days. It is a heartbreaking encounter that leaves one of the partners disoriented and betrayed. However, in an attempt to come up with a resolution, funny answers are often given as excuses for cheating. Below are the three common answers you will get when you confront your unfaithful partner;

1. Nothing Is Going On Between Us
“Don’t be insecure, nothing is going on between us”; this answer turns back the blame to the faithful partner to make him/ her doubt her senses. You should be very careful if you want to stay in such an unhealthy relationship to avoid more disappointments.

2. We Never Got Physical
This statement implies that despite not getting physical, they could be emotionally attached. This answer is meant to reduce the reality that cheating occurred. In the end, the emotional attachment may lead to physical actions. You should be careful as well before you get much betrayed.

3. We Have Never Satisfy Each Other
When your unfaithful partner says “I did it because we never satisfy each other”. This answer confirms that cheating has occurred in both physical and emotional attachment. The response tries to deny the responsibility of the wrong actions that have been committed. Relationship issues are critical, and at this extent, partners will be required to make informed decisions.

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