You Will Attract Men In A Way They Can’t Resist If You Can Do These Three Things

things to keep men attracted to you

This is something that most women would love to know in order to keep their men for long. In this article, we’ve compiled some basic things that women can use to attract their men without them resisting it. Below are some of the ways in which a woman can attract a man and make him irresistible;

1. Smile More Often
Did you know that a smile brings out the beauty of someone? Smiling can make you look gorgeous and friendly. However, how hard a man can try to hide his joy over seeing you smile, your smile will always weaken him.

2. Run Your Fingers Through Your Hair Delicately
This always works for all men. Men love it when a woman or his lady slides her finger through her hair. More so, they tend to fall for this act in that, men themselves will mostly be found trying to touch a woman’s hair.

3. Tip Your Head Slightly Downwards When You’re Blushing or Smiling, and Look At Him From Under Your Eyebrow
This is some that most women do when they are blushing off. But did you know that doing this brings a blossom to most men? Also, men are unable to resist when a woman does this and he is likely to fall for the woman so quick.

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