You Will Be Poor Till the Day You Die If You Don’t Stop Doing This As a Lady

Definitely, you must have come across an interesting trend whereby; a majority of single ladies are always broke It is not uncommon to see single ladies looking upon their boyfriends, sponsors or fathers to take care of their bills. Irrespective of the fact that they have decent jobs which could be paying more. The problem is the short-sightedness of many women in terms of financial management.

In essence, a number of women do not know that there is tomorrow or the future to be cared for. If she earns 30k for instance, the money will be wiped out before the week even ends. Talking of the short-sightedness, many women have things that they fancy more than others.

I mean a single lady will opt to buy the latest outfit in town rather than paying school fees balances for her kid for those who already have them. She will also make sure that she has changed her hairstyle despite the fact that it was done only two weeks ago.

This is the same case with her children which she will make sure they are looking classic with new fashions. The single lady will proceed to join multiple chamas to enable her buy a plot in Kitengela or Ruai to keep her secure.

However, the results will be devastating since children will be going hungry for weeks as all the money will be going to these chamas.

When she is paid her contributions from these chamas, she first of all has to clear debts accumulated over time. Most single ladies have also the assumption that even if they squander all the money at a go, they will always find someone to bail them out of the situation.

Indeed, many ladies love and are used to freebies from men. However, sometimes this does not always come through, leaving the ladies in dilemma. Many ladies also squander money that could have been useful in important areas in unnecessary things. For example, a lady would rather use a taxi in a 2 kilometre distance than walk to the place when she has no money.

Contrastingly, many men keep tomorrow in mind when budgeting. He would rather walk even for 20 kilometres to save money, stay without taking lunch and avoid new clothes if there is enough money. Many men also make sure that important things like flour, sugar, electricity, water, house rent or school fees are catered for first before using their money elsewhere.

In short, most single women are broke cause they don’t have plan for themselves and future. If you know you don’t have anybody that can help you financially why can’t you just do only what you’re capable of / what you can afford instead of doing things just to impress people or doing things cause others are doing it. Be Wise!

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