You Will Be Rich and Wealthy Forever If You Avoid These Three Things In Your Life

There is this common saying among most youths nowadays which is “money must be made” and that is why there engage in all types of illegal activities just to make money. Poverty and riches are just two states of mind and you can decide which to possess.

Life will not always give you what you want but what you deserve and that is why you have to work your ass off if you want to be successful. There is no shortcut to success and many who have tried this has never ended well as even the bible described such success as just mere smoke and will vanish with time.

Many men want to make money and be great in life but not all are ready to follow the rules to get there. Such practices have ended many in poverty. Please if you want to be rich, avoid these 3 things in your life;

1. Wasting Money On Women

Imprudence with women and sleeping with girls has made many people poor in our society today. I have a friend who was dating a girl and she will always keep demanding for money.

It came to a time, she said she needed 50k for her upkeep and this guy still went ahead to give her his last saving just my guy to receive a break up message 3 days later from her. If you are the one, what will you do?

This practice of spending your hard earned money on women you have no future with will always leave you poor. Guys, any girl who will not accept you the way you are because you don’t have money is not for you. Stop living to impress women.

If you are doing that, you are going to impress the wrong girl. Save your money and stick to one woman, she will help you achieve whatever you want in life.

2. Your Types Of Friends

Most people underestimate the power of bad influence and that is greatly affecting them today. The simple truth is you will never grow above the company you keep.

By the power of master mind, when you associate with successful people and even people above your class, you will always drift in that direction. Never underestimate the value of the company you keep.

Why will you keep moving around with people who have no potentials in life? Why keeping company of those who think life is there and you just have to live it with no purpose? There are some group of people who don’t even value their lives and will wake up every morning with no direction.

When you associate with those who are not success and money conscious , you are never going to attract those things into your life. The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. I tell you, you are going to make it in life if you start associating and even reading books by successful people.

3. Spending Too Much

If you belong to the category of people who spend without thinking about tomorrow, then you cannot escape poverty. Don’t ever spend above your means. You can’t be earning N100, 000 a month and you monthly expenses are worth N300,000, you will never grow.

Avoid spending your money on things like gambling, drinking, smoking, parties without savings. Those things are just liabilities and will never add money to your account. The money you save and invest is your own real money and not that which you earn.

You will create a long term poverty with no escape if you spend more than your income with no savings. Remember Warren Buffet worth $80 billion became a billionaire just by investing in the right place at the right time.

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  4. I thank you very much for your educative advise. I want more ideas and sense of direction in life

  5. Great piece of advice

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