You Will Contract Coronavirus If You Touch These Parts Of Your Body

Our hands are covered in germs that are spread to these sensitive body parts, and in some instances, they can also gather more germs which are then transmitted to other people. These habits are damaging to your health and the health of those around you.

Aside that, you can contact coronavirus by using your affected hand to touch some parts of your body. Below are parts of your body that if you touch with your hand, you will contact coronavirus;

1. Your Face
Look around a coffee shop and you’ll see a good number of people resting their face in their hands. But unless you are washing your face or applying moisturizer, hands off! Putting your durty hand on your face is delicate this period cause your hand might have been affected by coronavirus and by putting the hand on your face you can contact the viuirus.

2. Your Ears
The insides of our ears are delicate and very prone to damage, which is why you should resist the urge to dig in deep to remove ear wax. Coronavirus can also be contacted by putting your affected hand in ear.

3. Your Nose
The inside of your nose contains its own healthy bacteria. By putting your fingers in there, you introduce different bacteria, which are likely unwelcome and can cause infections. Your hands will then carry out the nose bacteria and spread it around, which is particularly problematic during cold/flu season.

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