You Will Never Have Your Land Back – A White South African Man Challenges Black South Africans

You'll never have your land back

As commotion of land is still going on in South Africa due to the “Nigeria must fall” hashtag on Twitter, one of white born and bred South Africans, Hendricks London Hendili has challenged black South Africans that they will never have their land back. This has been said after many years of black South Africans trying to have their land back, of which they believe white people took them from their black fathers by war.

Just as in Zimbabwe, white people were chased from the country by the late former president Robert Mugabes government and others were killed. Despite owning a land, the white South Africa also own farms which they employ black tenants, this means if the lands are confiscated most people will even lose their jobs.

And on top of that, land does not just go back like that, the government will need to compensate each and every white person who owns a land and this does not mean peanuts of money but billions and billions.

As one of the land owners, Hendricks does not seem to be scared but to stand for what is his and fight back for what belongs to him because somehow just staying silent on a sensitive issue like this will not help.

On the other hand, the EFF party accuses ANC, which is the current ruling party, for being a white supremacy agent, and failing to win its people the land back from thr white race.

However, a lot of people reacted to the white south African tweet and below are some of it;

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