You Will Never Succeed In Life if You Do Any Of These Four Things to Your Parents

A parent is a caregiver of the offspring in their own species. In humans, a parent is the caretaker of a child (where “child” refers to offspring, not necessarily age). A biological parent is a person whose gamete resulted in a child, a male through the sperm, and a female through the ovum.

Biological parents are first-degree relatives and have 50% genetic meet. Although, we may not like their parenting styles but we need to treasure them. There are certain things you don’t have control over as a child. For example, nobody is given the opportunity to choose his parents.

So, whoever your parents are at the moment. See them as gifts from God and treat them well. Hence, below are four major things you should not do to your parents; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

1. Never Wish Them Dead

Sadly, there are some religious leaders, especially in Christendom, that have brainwashed their followers. Many of them have opined that some parents are agents of the devil. They call the women, witches while they refer to men as wizards.

According to some fake prophets, almost all the problems children encounter in life are traceable to the evil works of their parents. This is totally wrong because this belief has generated fierce hatred between some people and their parents. Never pray for your parents to die. No matter your situations and circumstances right now. You don’t deserve to wish your parents dead. Even if they are truly witches and wizards. You can survive in their presence.

Besides, evil spirits and satanic forces are present in everywhere we live in. You may not like this but it’s the truth. Surprisingly, even if your parents die after you have prayed for your parents to die. All your problems cannot leave you. You’ll still continue to experience life’s challenges.

It’s normal, as long as we live here on earth. We will continually experience challenges. Everyone has challenges in life, irrespective of the spirits that live within your parents. In other words, you don’t need to pray for your parents to die. Never do that.

2. Never Refuse To Forgive Them

Honestly, parents also make mistakes. At times, they may do certain things to you in life that will require your forgiveness. Forgiveness is the gift you have to give to your parents when they have offended you. They may ask for it and they may not ask for it. Just forgive them. If you keep holding them in your heart. You will keep hating them and begin to spot anomalies in them.

Release them in your heart. Forgive them. No matter what they have done to you, they deserve your forgiveness. Until you forgive them, great doors may not open unto you. Do not forget that we also sin against God. And he forgives us. So, forgive them also.

3. Never Ignore or Reject Them

As we have responsible parents. We also have irresponsible ones. Some parents do not spend time with their kids. They prefer to spend their time in parties. Some of them may not send their children to school. As a good child, when you are successful. Do not reject them. Both Scriptures – Bible and Quran agree that our good attitude towards our parents can make us live long.

Hence, do not abandon your parents in dilapidated apartment. If God has helped you, help them. Don’t reject them because they are uneducated and uncultured. The truth is, you can’t choose your parents and you can’t change them. Accept them and take good care of them.

4. Never Deprive Them Of Love, Care And Financial Support

A time will come when your parents will not be as agile as they were before. They may not have the strength to work the way you expect them to be. However, as a good child, try as much as possible to support them. Do all you can to support them. They need your financial support. You need to take good care of them.
Don’t just abandon them in the village. When it’s time for them to have your attention. I know it’s not easy but try to give them your attention.
They need you now more than ever before. You must start changing now. Never fail to support your parents financially, morally, and spiritually.

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