You Will Regret For The Rest Of Your Life If You Wear These Three Things

Things you must not wear to avoid regret

A simpler closet is the gateway to a simpler life. If you really don’t want to regret in life, there are somethings you need to avoid. I typically steer away from making recommendations on what you should wear, but feel strongly that none of us need to wear these three things below.

1. The Guilt Of Your Past
Guilt and regret about the past aren’t serving your present. In fact, because of that guilt, you aren’t fully enjoying your current life. Whether it is guilt about letting go of something that you spent too much on, or guilt about a past relationship or anything in between, you have paid enough. You’ve paid with your money, time, attention and emotion. You can stop paying now. Let go, apologize, forgive and choose to live free of guilt and regret.

2. The Pressure to Prove Yourself
You might want to feel smart, beautiful and loved. You might want by what you accomplished. The problem is that there is always more to prove and eventually you’ll forgot who you’re in the process. If you have to prove yourself to people you love, that isn’t love. If you struggle to prove yourself at work, maybe you aren’t doing the right work. Just stop for a while. Stop pushing and proving and wishing that people would see you the way you think you need to be seen to succeed. Instead, let them see you for you. Once you stop proving yourself, you can be yourself.

3. The Weight of Other People’s Expectations and Judgements
It’s always a relief to know that you love yourself and not care what people think about you at the same time. When you stop wearing the weight of other people’s expectations and judgements, you’ll be light. Wearing these things is wearing you down. Live the life you want live. Be you!!

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