Your Lover May Not Truly Love You If He Is Doing These Five Things

How to know he doesn't love you

Do you think the man in your life seems to be walking away? You have tried to make things right but the harder you fight the more you hurt yourself.  When things seem not to work in your love life, think twice. The man you’re dying for might just be playing you. If he does these 5 things don’t bother to text him back or think twice before you do cause he might just be using you;

1. He Sends You One-Word Replies
Have you ever sent a man a long message only to get a one-word reply? And you’re very sure that he’s not busy. A man who gives this kind of reply does not care. In other words, he is only telling you he does not have time for you.

2. He Forgets to Text Back
Only a man who does not love you will ignore texting you back without him having a good reason after receiving your message. A loving man will reply as soon as he gets time to do so. Look at the duration he has been taking to reply text messages and decide whether to date him or not.

3. He Gets Mad When You Don’t Reply to His Text Immediately
A man who gets mad everytime simply because you have not replied his messages immediately is controlling. Dealing with such a man is not easy. These are the kind of men to avoid by all means.

4. He Mentions S*x Days After Meeting Him
If a man asks you for sex within a day or two after meeting him, do not bother replying. He has clearly shown that he is after sex and nothing else. A man needs to know you for atleast some times before asking for sex.

5. He Takes Too Long to Text You Back
How long does the man take before he replies to your messages? When a man takes ages before he replies your messages know that something is not right. The man is clearly saying he is not interested.

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