“Your Machine is Very Sweet” –  My Wife Says to My Cousin When I Caught Them Having S3X In My Living Room

A man named Jeff told his story about how he caught his wife having s3x with his cousins and what he did to them. Here is what happened below;

Hello, My name is Jeff and I busted my cousin drilling my wife in my own house! It was just but an ugly scene which I do not want to ever see again.

My cousin had earlier that day told me he wanted to come home to visit me since we had stayed for quite some time without seeing each other. We used to be very close since we kind of grew together since after his parents died, my parents brought him to our house. We grew up even playing football together.

On that day, however, I had a meeting at work which was to go to late night since we were balancing some company accounts with my fellow accountants.

I told my cousin that I would be home at around 11pm but he said he would wait for me. I called my wife and informed her that my cousin would spend the night at our house.

He called me at around 6pm that day and told me that he had arrived in my house and that he would wait for me since he had missed me so much.

At around 8.30pm, one of the accountant’s whom we were meeting with received a call from his wife and was asked to rush home since there was an emergency.

We, therefore, had to call off the company meeting and I also saw it as a good thing to go home earlier and spend time with my cousin.

I arrived at our gate at around 9pm and I noticed the lights were off in my house which was in the second floor. I got confused about why my wife and cousin could be sleeping that early.

At the door of my house, however, I overheard moans from my wife and it immediately dawned on me that my cousin and herself were having s3x in the living room because they thought I would come home late.

“Your machine is very sweet. Ata bwana yangu hajui kufanya sex hivi,” I heard my wife tell him as he fucked her. I could not believe it. I stood there, I could not understand what was happening. All of a sudden, with lots of anger, I kicked open the door and they were all startled to see me.

I descended on my wife and cousin with blows and kicks and they managed to quickly leave the house. I cried like a baby since I could not believe that they had betrayed me in such a manner.

I remembered Doctor Mugwenu whom one of my colleagues had told me about when he caught his wife cheating some years back. I googled his number and I got it.

I called him and told him how hurt I was because of what my wife and cousin and had done. He asked me to see him the following morning so that he could handle the issue with his spell casting powers.

On meeting him, he cast spells of plagues to them in such a way their lives would be unbearable and they would have to seek me for forgiveness. That evening I got a call from my wife and cousin who both said they were sick and their bodies had weird wounds.

“Please bro, I am sick and my machine is super big, Please forgive us,” my cousin pleaded. I asked him to being home my wife and when he did so. They both went on their knees and they asked for forgiveness. I still loved my wife and I took her back but cut all ties with my cousin.

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