You’re Not a True Christian If You’re Making Money In This Pandemic Period – Popular African Pastor Says

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Reverend Dr Christian Oyakhilome, The president and founder of Loveworld aka Christ Embassy, continues on his educatory journey concerning Covid-19.

His explanation stated with the story of with the latest news coming from California that said that churches were not allowed to sign in churches because it spreads coronavirus.

He said “Its not unique to him, it’s the same script, all it needs to do is to start it from somewhere” refering to the Californian Governor.

He said that he new that crazy idea was coming all the time ” on the scripts which several governments have distributed, which the deep church is using to go supervise churches”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome continued to say “by the way let me tell you, if you call yourself a Christian, a minister of the Gospel and you are going to supervise churches to ensure they follow these guidelines you are not a Christian, you never where”

He went on to say that “this is the truth read your Bible, you have deceived yourself all this while and that’s why now you can take all these responsibilities and some of you that are making money out of this situation , you have never known Christ, otherwise you will understand this and you will stay away from this”

His explanation was that no truthful Christian will participate in policing and monitoring of churches as work or contract to get payment.


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