You’re Not Our President and You’re Literally Insane For Posting This – Americans Blast Donald Trump

Donald Trump, The President of the United States is a type of character that his citizens could never stop making controversial statements about all thanks to him. The United States is fastly approaching the election date and Donald Trump is carryout his campaign with every means to get a second Term in Office.

Unfortunately the US President Donald Trump recently went online, and uploaded a video that was later reported as a fake and edited video. It was also reported that the video was made inorder to attack the CNN.

In the video there was a white boy and a black boy hugging each other in the original video, but was later edited showing only when the white kid was chasing the black kid which is an act of racism. It poses as a fake news to CNN thereby spoiling their name.

Watch the video below;

Due to the misleading video uploaded by the president many of his citizens has tweeted against him. Below are some of there reactions;

Donald Trump has been reported to be very vocal in remarks on CNN for being critical of his government, and he thought he was fighting back.

Donald Trump is set to contest in the US Presidential Elections as the Republican Party Candidate later this year, against Joe Biden, Democratic Party Candidate.

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